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Towards a healthy world with the help of AI

Extracting Value From Unstructured Data: Text, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning Healthcare, Pharma, Legal, Insurance…
Towards a healthy world with the help of AI

Google reviews, what our clients and collaborators say about us

Arthur Favier | Oppizi

“Thomas has been fantastic with his approach, and the deliverables of our project. He's really good to work with. 100% recommend.”

Adam Schroeder

“We really enjoyed working with them and interacting with the high-quality Dash Apps they are building. They super responsive and a pleasure to work wtih.”

John Linney | Tarion

“FDS exceeded our expectations, producing a few example tools to truly demonstrate potential opportunities for innovation. Highly recommended.”

Eoin McElroy | Ulster University

“Thomas quickly became a key member of the wider project team. We couldn’t be happier with the level of professionalism and adaptability of FDS.”

Data Science Services

We help organisations extract value from unstructured data. We provide professional data science consulting services for businesses. We are able to respond rapidly to new challenges and you will always be speaking directly to a professional data scientist rather than a non-technical sales representative.

Do you have a set of large documents which you need to analyse?

Do you need to identify persons, places, companies, or chemical compounds mentioned in a document?

Detect common topics in a set of texts?

Triage emails? Identify key opinion leaders in a scientific field based on their publication output?

Data Science Services

Data Science Consulting Services

AI consultancy in London and beyond - wide across industries and purposes.

AI for healthcare

We have undertaken large projects in healthcare for clients such as the NHS. We have developed clinical named entity recognition models and predictive models for healthcare workforce management.

AI in pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry is moving towards widespread adoption of AI. We have worked on projects to extract data from pharma KOL insights, NLP models to extract data from clinical trials.

Data strategy consulting

Fast Data Science can assist with your entire data strategy, from opportunity identification through to stakeholder workshops, opportunity prioritisation, and infrastructure planning.

Machine learning consulting

A valuation of your machine learning processes and strategy and recommendations to build durable and maintainable machine learning systems, avoiding vendor lockin.

Data analytics consulting

Optimise your business intelligence processes, leverage existing data, and identify opportunities to extract value from your data with out data science consulting services.

Deploying machine learning models

Machine learning model deployment is an often overlooked aspect of data science. Often, the majority of effort required in a project is invested in deployment. We have experience with hosting, all three major cloud providers (AWS, Google, Azure), continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tools such as Github Actions, and infrastructure management such as Terraform.

Training and upskilling analytics teams in data science

We can run customised workshops and produced video tutorials to boost an organisation’s data science capabilities.

Public sector procurement for AI projects

If you are responding to an RFI or project out for tender, or a funding grant for a research project, we would be glad to help draft your application and be listed as the technical partner in your project. We have applied for and been awarded projects with universities and public bodies such as the NHS, Office of Rail and Road, and Tarion (Canadian housing regulator). We have an ongoing partnership with Ulster University and University College London.

AI due diligence

If you are considering investing in or acquiring a company in the AI space, we can perform a due diligence exercise. The director, Thomas Wood, has the CUBS (Cardiff University/Bond Solon) certificate for expert witness work in England and Wales (civil cases).


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Fast Data Science webinar on AI and NLP in pharmaceuticals
Data science

Fast Data Science webinar on AI and NLP in pharmaceuticals

On 29 May, Thomas Wood presented a webinar on how AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) can transform clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry.

AI in business and industry
Ai and societyData science

AI in business and industry

AI in business and industry Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in business, but many companies are unsure how to leverage it effectively.

Clinical trial cost modelling with NLP and AI
Data scienceDeep learning

Clinical trial cost modelling with NLP and AI

Modelling risk and cost in clinical trials with NLP Fast Data Science’s Clinical Trial Risk Tool Clinical trials are a vital part of bringing new drugs to market, but planning and running them can be a complex and expensive process.

5 out of 5 stars

“We will not overload you with academic credentials, buzzwords and jargon, but you can be sure that the solutions that we present to you will be practical and easy to understand, and that we will be able to deliver real value for your company. We can supply references on request.”

Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood
Director at Fast Data Science

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