Data analytics consulting

Why do I need data analytics consulting? Data analytics consulting involves leveraging existing data within your business in order to optimise business intelligence tasks. You can use data analytics to make data-driven business decisions. At Fast Data Science we can assist at all stages of your data analytics journey. We will help you to capture accurate data, monitor data, analyse data using state of the art statistical and machine learning approaches, and take action based on informed decisions.

Fast Data Science data analytics consulting five step process: business requirements, data exploration, problem scoping and prioritisation, analytics and strategy report

The five step process of data analytics consulting at Fast Data Science: business requirements, data exploration, problem scoping and prioritisation, analytics and strategy report

5 steps towards successful data analytics

Quite often, clients contact us asking to solve a business problem using a particular machine learning approach, such as neural networks. However, sometimes the best solution is the simplest. You may not need a machine learning model developed at all. In fact, many projects start with a simple analysis of what is going on in your business. Often as data analytics consultants brought in from outside, Fast Data Science has the benefit of fresh insight.

Fast Data Science normally offers data analytics consulting as a five-step process:

  • Business requirements: in a series of initial stakeholder discussions we can begin to understand the domain and identify the potential for ROI.
  • Data exploration: after the necessary steps to obtain data access we can begin to explore the data to identify where we can extract value.
  • Problem scoping and prioritisation: again in discussions with the stakeholder we can begin to define exactly what we want to achieve.
  • Analytics: we run analytics on the data, which may consist of traditional statistics or machine learning models, in close collaboration with the domain expert in your organisation
  • Strategic report: at the end of the project before sign off we present findings to stakeholders and ideally executives in the organisation, which include recommendations for further action.

Given a small amount of known data on your customers, we can produce a report analysing their demographic profile, estimated lifetime value, a cohort analysis, and other useful insights. For example, we may be able to spot if there is a segment of your target market which is under-engaged.

If you would like to use Fast Data Science’s services for data analytics please contact us.