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Data Science Consulting at Fast Data Science

Fast Data Science provides Data Science Consulting services across industries. Although we are active in nearly all areas of data science consulting, we focus primarily on natural language processing (NLP) and have a wide range of experience in industries where a large number of unstructured text documents such as PDFs are prevalent, for example the pharmaceutical, healthcare, legal, and insurance industries.

The manager, Thomas Wood, studied a Masters in 2008 at Cambridge University in Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology and since then he has been working exclusively in data science consulting. In 2018 he founded Fast Data Science to deliver data science consulting services.

An expert data science consultant can consistently add value to your business through enhanced data analytics and business intelligence projects.

Data Science Consulting

Data Science Consulting firm Fast Data Science is listed as a top Big Data Analytics company in Clutch’s list of data science consulting providers.

Using our combined expertise in data analytics consulting and natural language processing, we are able to leverage your data to help you find hidden insights in order to aid business decision making and improve business strategy.

Although the term “data science” has been traced back as far as 1974 when Danish computer scientist Peter Naur proposed it as an alternative term for computer science, the concept of data science as its own discipline is often attributed to American computer scientist William S. Cleveland, who suggested in 2001 that a new name was needed for certain technical applications of statistics.

Data science today can unlock the power and value in your organisation’s unstructured data.

Review of Fast Data Science's data science consulting offer by a satisfied client

After a data science consulting engagement, one satisfied client left a positive review of Fast Data Science on Clutch

AI consulting flow

A breakdown of our AI strategy and data science consulting workflow. We take a business-centric rather than technology-centric approach to the business, taking the time to investigate what kind of projects would have a beneficial effect on your organisation. For an example of a data science consulting engagement, you can read our case study about how we helped Tarion (the housing regulator in Ontario) develop a data science strategy.

Data Science Consulting examples

Examples of data science consulting engagements which we have delivered include:

Data science consulting and unstructured data

Today many companies, in particular in certain industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, legal, and insurance, have large amounts of unstructured data. This is typically data in text format, which may even be unscanned documents, PDFs, HTML, or any other file type.

Unstructured data is very difficult to deal with but can contain a goldmine of information. Fast Data Science specialises in extracting value from organisations' unstructured datasets.

In a data science consulting engagement, we will take the time to understand your business processes and what kind of data is making your business tick. The solution may be a cutting-edge tool such as GPT-3.5 or it could be a simple linear regression model. We are not swayed by buzzwords or hype, and will simply cut through the information overload to help deliver an AI strategy that suits your needs.

Pie chart showing a breakdown of reasons for customer churn derived from customer feedback forms

Topic detection is an NLP technique that allows you to discover common themes in a set of unstructured documents.

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Data Science Consulting projects in the healthcare and pharma industries

Electronic health record without named entity recognition Electronic health record without named entity recognition

Data science is being increasingly adopted across the healthcare sector. This technology is sometimes called healthtech or MedTech. Data science is being used to compare and detect changes in clinical reports, extract clinical concepts such as MeSH terms from electronic medical records, and predict workforce attrition for healthcare providers.

We have worked on a number of projects in healthcare, including:

Data Science Consulting technologies at Fast Data Science

We do a lot of our data science consulting work with Python. We have worked on a variety of data science models, including:

  • Large language models
  • Bag of words, tf*idf, cosine similarity
  • NLP pipelines, lemmatisation, parsers, chunkers
  • Deep neural networks
  • Clustering: Latent Dirichlet Allocation
    • This is useful for extracting topics from a set of unstructured documents, for example legal documents, survey responses, factory error reports, etc.
  • Search engines and search term recommenders
  • Google Natural Language, AWS, Microsoft Azure
  • ETL technologies, data lakes, data warehouses, BigQuery, Spark, DataBricks, S3, etc.

Data Science Consulting in Python, Java and R

We work with the following programming languages and frameworks:

and many more.

Examples of past Data Science Consulting projects

We have undertaken Data science consulting projects for major household names including

  • a spoken dialogue system to control a smart home
  • an unsupervised text analysis program to analyse text descriptions of manufacturing defects (Boehringer Ingelheim)
  • a model to classify jobseekers' CVs into industries and salary bands (CV-Library).
  • analysis of survey responses and setting up an ETL pipeline for (White Ribbon Alliance)

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