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Fast Data Science Ltd provides machine learning and data science consulting services for medium to large enterprises in London, the rest of the UK, and worldwide. We are a data science company and we provide bespoke machine learning solutions for your business.

Fast Data Science Ltd is located in London, U.K.

  • Director: Thomas Wood
  • UK Company registration number: 11199998 with Companies House.
  • VAT Registration is GB290644002

We are part of the Microsoft Partner Network.

Fast Data Science company story

As a data science company, we offer data science analyses for local and remote clients

In 2016, Thomas Wood found that certain industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, recruitment and legal were sitting on a goldmine of unstructured data.

He set about building a data science company with the aim of offering bespoke consulting services to data-rich organisations across sectors. We currently have clients across four countries and six industries, and we specialise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), healthcare and pharma.

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Some of our clients

  • National Health Service – the publicly funded healthcare system of the UK and the country’s largest employer with nearly 2 million on the payroll.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim – One of the major European pharmaceutical companies, and manufacturer of well known drugs for respiratory diseases, oncology and diabetes among others.
  • White Ribbon Alliance – Washington, DC based childbirth charity. Dashboard here.
  • Tesco plc – The most well known supermarket chain in the UK, and a multinational retailer with presence in several countries.
  • CV-Library – Currently the UK’s third largest job board, founded in 2000.

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Fast Data Science’s branding, colours, and fonts

Please refer to our data science company brand manual, available in PDF or Adobe Illustrator formats. Our logos can be found on Github.

Why Fast Data Science? Because we pride ourselves on delivering data science for our customers quickly and reliably.

Our brand logo is derived from a comet and a magnifying glass, indicating our focus on speed and textual analysis. Our brand colours are soft but warm greens and blues, giving a feel of security and indicating our healthcare industries and the value we place on our environment. The brand pattern is a tile-like system intended to symbolise unstructured data, text, and language processing in a visually appealing way. Icons indicating language are mixed with abstract tiles to avoid cluttering the pattern.

We have included some non-Roman letters in our brand images to emphasise our focus on multilingual NLP. We have included the Arabic letter س (sīn) which is used in algebra for the unknown, just as English speakers would use x. Medieval Arab mathematicians such as al-Khwarizmi (الخوارزمي) abbreviated شيء (shay’), meaning “thing”, to its first letter س with dots removed. During the Renaissance, the Spanish transcribed this letter as X (which was pronounced as a “sh” in pre-17th Century Spanish), and this letter has been hypothesised to be the origin of the x in modern mathematical notation, although we have not been able to verify this.

Our graphic also uses the Serbian and Macedonian ligature Љ, which is a combination of the Cyrillic letters Л (L) and ь (soft sign). It is the first letter in љубав (ljubav, meaning “love”).

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