How much does a data science project cost?

How much does a data science project cost?

How much does it cost to hire a consultant data scientist or a data science company?

Venn diagram showing three possible ways of paying for a data science project: daily/hourly, project fee, and milestones

We offer transparent pricing structures. You can choose to either pay a fixed hourly or day rate, a project fee, or to pay by milestones as a project progresses.

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We are open to discussion regarding other structures.

We can provide a short term one-off consultation, conduct an entire project, or even provide a long term trusted advisor or retained “head of data science”. We will not charge for an initial short meeting to establish your requirements. Normally it is not possible to put a price on a project or estimate how long it will take until we have had at least a day to look at your data and systems, and we have had a meeting to establish exactly what we want to achieve, and what is feasible.

You can be sure that whichever option you choose the service that we deliver will be professional, punctual and reliable.

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