Machine learning consulting

Our machine learning consulting process

We offer end to end machine learning consulting and development.

We will start with an on-site meeting to discuss your requirements, and to brainstorm about the projects and objectives with the highest ROI for your organisation.

This is followed by a data exploration phase where we establish what is achievable for your use case using AI.

We begin an intensive phase of model development, testing thousands of competing models against a validation dataset, and finally we move on to model deployment.

Why would I need machine learning consulting in my business?

A typical case is where a company has a large amount of unstructured information about several million customers, users or products.

For example, you may have a large database of unstructured and messy text data such as user profile texts, or product descriptions, or past purchasing histories, and you may want to use this data to

  • deduce demographic information
  • anticipate customer churn before it happens
  • make product recommendations
  • predict customer spend

In these cases we can provide consulting services or work together with your company to fully deploy a machine learning solution that extracts value from these large datasets.

The value to your business of fully using your data can be huge.

If you would like consulting for your machine learning strategy please get in touch.

The Fast Data Science machine learning consulting flow. On site workshop, data exploration, model development and deployment.

The Fast Data Science machine learning consulting flow.